Calm & Clear

Calm & Clear

Calm & Clear

Brand Pacific Biologic
Unit Size 60 capsules 650mg
Dosage 1-3 capsules 1-3 times daily. Take as needed according to the severity of symptoms.
Properties This is best suited for symptoms related to Shen Disturbance caused by Heart, Liver or Kidney disharmony, including mild stagnation.
Contraindications Do not take with pharmaceutical sedative drugs. If pregnant or nursing, consult your healthcare provided before using this, or any other product.
Chinese Symptomology grief; pensiveness
Western Symptomology Stress; Anxiety; Tension
Actions Nourishes the Heart and Liver, Calms the Mind and Spirit, Softens and Comforts the Liver, Opens the Heart, Gently Moves and Soothes Pent Up Emotions, Moves Qi, Opens the Orifices of Mind and Conciousness, Clears Heat, and Calms Irritability.
English name Calm & Clear

Calm and Clear is designed to relax the mind and spirit and support a calm sense of well being. It combines Chinese herbs that calm the mind and spirit with Western Nervine herbs that relax and calm the mind and body, and soothe the nerves. It reduces stress and anxious feelings, and also soothes the Heart, including during or after shock or emotional trauma. It soothes pent up emotions, opens the chest, and gently moves qi and blood in the chest to support emotional health and grounded emotions. It opens the orifices of mind and consciousness and assists mental focus. It can be used every day, or used as needed, for anxiety, irritability, pensiveness, restlessness, or grief, caused by Heart, Liver, or Heart and Kidney patterns.*



Calms the Spirit, Nurtures the Heart
   Chinese salvia root DanShen
   Chinese scullcap root Huang Qin
   Fo-ti stem Ye Jiao Teng
   Gotu kola leaf
   Grass-leaf sweetflag rhizome Shi Chang Pu
   Lemon balm leaf
   Passion flower
   Polygala root Yuan Zhi
   Schisandra fruit Wu Wei Zi
   Valerian root
Opens Congested Liver Qi
   Tangerine peel (unripe) Qing Pi
   White peony root Bai Shao

Formulator: Kenneth Morris

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