BioEssence Tablets

BioEssence Tablets

5:1 Potency / 300mg / 120 Tablets per Bottle

Bio Essence Chinese Herbal Tablet Formulas are made in China by one of the largest pharmaceutical GMP standard manufacturers. The factory is certified by the Australian government as a qualified GMP factory (TGA certificate). Quality is controlled from the selection of raw materials to the final packaging - which includes heavy metal and contamination tests. The tablet formulas also meet the U.S. FDA standard for heavy metals, bacteria and pesticide residues. Most formulas are re-tested at an EPA-certified U.S. Laboratory to make sure that the heavy metal contents such as Mercury, Lead and Arsenic are within the safety limits.

Qian Lie Xian Wan Tablets

Unit Size: 120 Tablets

Prostate Health Pills Tonifies the Kidneys, Nourishes the Yin, Dispels Dampness and Heat, Promotes Urination and Alleviates prostate inflammation

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