Bilt-Rite Orthopedics & Safety Inc.


Bilt-Rite / Mastex Industries is a leader in Orthopedic, Sports Medicine, Bracing Products, Occupational & Ergonomic Supports as well as a complete line of wheelchair cushions and backs.. Most of our products are Designed and Made in the USA so we can control costs as well as Quality.

Quality Manufacturing

Bilt-Rite products are manufactured with quality materials in our Bilt-Rite facility located in Croydon, Pennsylvania. Bilt-Rite continues to upgrade its manufacturing assets with automated sewing
equipment, thermoforming and compression forming presses/molds.

Quality Materials & Designs

Each product must meet stringent specifications. Bilt-Rite's manufacturing strives to eliminate
product defects and has maintained a defect rate of less than 1 per 10,000 units for several
years. Bilt-Rite's quality tracking program is second to none. Bilt-Rite / Mastex is registered with
many organizations as follows:


Finger Cot Splint (Small), 12ct

SKU: BR111
Unit Size: Small

Folds evenly over end of finger to provide stabilization and protection.

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Full Body Heat Pad (24" x 60")

SKU: BR106
Unit Size: 24" x 60"

Made of durable vinyl that's flexible and waterproof.

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