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Benefit The Sinews

Benefit The Sinews

Benefit The Sinews

Brand Three Treasures by Giovanni Maciocia
Unit Size 60 Tablets - 500mg Each
Potency 6:1
Actions Invigorate Blood, resolve Phlegm, expel Wind-Dampness, dry Dampness.
Pattern Blood stasis, Phlegm and Dampness in the joints, Kidney deficiency
Tongue Pale, red or purple, swollen, sticky coating
Pulse Choppy or slightly slippery.

Three Treasures Manual

English name Benefit The Sinews

Chronic Bi syndrome with Phlegm, Dampness and Blood stasis in the joints and an underlying Kidney deficiency. Swollen joints, rigidity, severe pain, rheumatoid arthritis.


Tao Ren Semen Persicae 
Hong Hua Flos Carthami tinctorii 
Chuan Xiong Rhizoma Chuanxiong 
Dang Gui Radix Angelicae sinensis 
Ru Xiang Olibanum 
Ban Xia Rhizoma Pinelliae Preparatum 
Chen Pi Pericarpium Citri reticulatae 
Gua Lou Fructus Trichosanthis Xi Xian Cao Herba Siegesbeckiae 
Hai Feng Teng Caulis Piperis kadsurae 
Wei Ling Xian Radix Clematidis 
Du Zhong Cortex Eucommiae ulmoidis 
Gou Qi Zi Fructus Lycii chinensis 
Cang Zhu Rhizoma Atractylodis 
Huang Bo Cortex Phellodendri 
Shen Qu Massa medicata fermentata

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