Bagua Daoyin: A Unique Branch of Daoist Learning, A Secret Skill of the Palace

Bagua Daoyin:  A Unique Branch of Daoist Learning, A Secret Skill of the Palace

Bagua Daoyin: A Unique Branch of Daoist Learning, A Secret Skill of the Palace

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Unit Size 254mm x 177.8mm / 10in x 7in, 160pp
Properties 2008, paperback, ISBN: 978-1-84819-009-2
English name Bagua Daoyin: A Unique Branch of Daoist Learning, A Secret Skill of the Palace
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Description Bagua Daoyin
A Unique Branch of Daoist Learning, A Secret Skill of the Palace
He Jinghan
Translated by David Alexander

The beautiful, complex movements of Bagua require a lifetime to master fully, but can be practised with significant physical and mental health benefit at any level. In this highly illustrated guide, Master He, a fifth generation practitioner, introduces the ancient Daoist principles on which Bagua is based, its place within the Chinese martial arts, and the approach to life it nurtures. Many pages of photographs illustrate a programme of sequences, showing the beauty of the movements, and the positions and transitions the practitioner is aiming for.

Bagua Daoyin supports and trains the body and the mind to promote balance and harmony. The external movements are echoed in the internal body, which promotes the flow of energy that leads to greatly improved health, a tranquil and focused mind, and increased longevity. Practitioners quickly report reduced stress levels and increased enjoyment of life.

This fully illustrated introduction to Bagua Daoyin will be essential reading for Bagua, Xingyi and Taiji practitioners at all levels, dancers, and indeed anyone interested in improving their physical and mental wellbeing.


Foreword, Paul Alexander. Preface - The Treasure that Belongs to You. 1. Bagua, Bagua Quan and Bagua Daoyin. 2. Bagua Daoyin, the Guiding Principle of Bagua. 3. Interview with Master He Jinghan. 4. Paying for Life with Life - the Master's Apprentice Years. 5. Understanding Intuitively. 6. Things You Ought to Avoid when Exercising. 7. Give me Fast Food, Nothing Else will Do - The Contemporary Concept of Health. 8. To Love Others You Must First Love Yourself: To Love Yourself You Must Love Your Body. 9. Finding Your Centre. 10. Opening Up the Body's Unobstructed Space. 11. Don't Use Your Feet Just to Walk - Teaching You to Make Your Body as Light as a Swallow. 12. Relax, Do Not Collapse. 13. The Sexual Function is the Natural Manifestation of Bodily Health. 14. Menopause - Grasp Your Second Youth. 15. Everything Comes from the Body - Entering Tranquillity through Movement. 16. The Song of Martial Arts - the Form. 17. Shape, Potential Force and Spirit in Posture. 18. Between Yin and Yang. 19. Sixiang Quan. 20. The Melody of the Flow - Bazhang Quan. 21. A Master's Confession. 22. A Brief Account of the Life of Master Gong Baozhai 23. About the Author.


'I would recommend anyone interested in martial arts in general to take a look at the very interesting perspective that the author expresses on his art in this book.'

- East-West Taoist Association Newsletter

Author information

He Jinghan is a fifth generation practitioner of the BaguaQuan lineage. At the age of 15, he started studying Yang style TaijiQuan but after six or seven years came to a standstill and stopped improving. For several years he tried other styles of TaijiQuan, as well as XingyiQuan, ShaolinQuan and others but they were not his answers. When he was 23, he was introduced to Master Gong BaoZhai and began to specialize in Bagua. He became a disciple of Master Gong at the age of 24. For 23 years he studied this way until his teacher's death. He Jinghan now focuses his attentions on the cultivation of the arts and the promotion of the BaguaDaoyin.
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