Brand Health Concerns
Unit Size 90
Dosage 3 tabs/3x daily between meals
Potency not disclosed - unknown
Properties Clears Stagnant Liver Qi and Blood; Resolves Dampness; Resolves Food and Phlegm Entanglement
Contraindications Pregnancy
Chinese Symptomology Lack of appetite;Irritability;Frustration;Flank Pain;Bitter taste in the mouth;Belching;Epigastric Pain
Western Symptomology Depression;
Actions 1. Relieves depression due to frustration and pent-up emotions. 2. Relieves chest oppression and constriction accompanied by lack of appetite, irritability, frustration, flank pain, bitter taste in the mouth, belching, epigastric pain, and a tendency towa

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English name Aspiration (Polygala Far Reaching Herbal Supplement)
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Aspiration addresses all the major aspects and complications of depression: stagnant Qi, stagnant blood, heat, dampness, as well as food and phlegm entanglement. The formula treats the physical conditions, which are the felt symptoms of depression, including chest oppression and constriction, irritability, anger, frustration, flank pain, and various digestion complaints. The Chinese name of the chief herb is polygala (yuan zhi), or far-reaching, and attests to the formula's ability to renew zest for life. Uncaria (gou teng) drains liver heat and pacifies liver yang. Gardenia (zhi zi) clears heat and eliminates irritability. Albizzia bark (he huan pi), promotes the free flowing of constrained liver Qi, and is used for insomnia, poor memory, irritability due to constrained emotions. White peony (bai shao) curbs the liver yang and relieves flank, abdominal, or chest pain from either constrained liver Qi or disharmony between the liver and spleen. Tang kuei (dang gui) invigorates, tonifies, and harmonizes the blood in order to relieve blood stasis. Pinellia (ban xia) dries dampness, transforms phlegm, and causes rebellious Qi to descend. Poria (fu ling) leaches out dampness, and strengthens the spleen and transforms phlegm; this herb also quiets the heart and calms the spirit. Cyperus (xiang fu) promotes movement of Qi, and directs rebellious qi downward, and regulates the middle. Aspiration also includes two Western herbs, vervain and damiana, which have potent abilities to lift depression.*


Yuan Zhi ( Polygala root) Herba Verbenae Officinalis (Vervain herb) Gou Teng (Uncaria stem) Zhi Zi (Gardenia Fruit) He Huan Hua (Albizzia flowers) Folium Turnerae aphrodisiacae (Damiana leaf) Bai Shao (White Peony root) Dang Gui (Tang Kuei root) Ban Xia (Pinellia rhizome) Fu Ling (Poria sclerotium) Chen Xiang (Aquilaria sinensis lignum)

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