Antler 8, 100 tablets

Antler 8, 100 tablets

Antler 8, 100 tablets

SKU SF107-100
Brand Seven Forests
Unit Size 100 tablets (Crude herbs powders are formed, 80% whole antler and 20% antler gelatin)
Chinese Symptomology knee arthralgia
Western Symptomology blood deficiencydeficient immune functionsimpotence
Actions nourish marrowgenerate bloodinvigorate yang
Pattern deficient immune functions

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English name Antler 8, 100 tablets
Description Antler 8 is a formulation that is primarily intended to provide deer antler in a convenient form. This valuable material is best used as a pill rather than cooked in a decoction. In powder form, the recommended daily dose of deer antler is from 0.5 to 1.5 grams per day, which is the amount contained in just 2-6 tablets of this formula, though larger amounts can be used. Deer antler is classified as a yang tonic, but it contains both yin nourishing and yang invigorating components. The yin nourishing aspect is contained primarily in the gelatin; the yang aspect is called pantocrine. Both gelatin and pantocrine are reputed to help build the blood, being especially useful for red blood cell deficiencies. Unlike the liver-blood nourishing agents, this formula works at the level of the marrow. While it is expected that Antler 8 will often be used along with another prescription, it has been designed to function as a single remedy. The formula includes tonics for the qi and blood to make a well-rounded treatment for deficiency syndrome, and it includes salvia and tang-kuei to help recover blood circulation in cases where there is chronic or severe disturbance to the blood system. Composition-A, Gecko-A, and Stabilizing Tablets also rely on deer antler as a main ingredient for tonifying the kidney and marrow. Deer antler has anti-inflammatory actions associated with glucosamine sulfate.
Ingredients Lu Rong (deer antler) 50% Dan Shen (salvia) 10% Di Huang (rehmannia) 10% Huang Jing (polygonatum) 9% Ren Shen (ginseng) 9% Dang Gui (tang-kuei) 8% Yi Zhi Ren (alpinia) 2% Sha Ren (cardamon) 2%

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