An Xi Xiang (An Hsi Hsiang)

An Xi Xiang (An Hsi Hsiang)

An Xi Xiang (An Hsi Hsiang)

SKU NH103-1
Brand NuHerbs
Unit Size 1 pound
Dosage 1.5 to 3 grms in decoction
Taste Pungent: Bitter
Properties Neutral
Chinese Symptomology Chest and abdominal pain
Western Symptomology Apoplexy;Syncope;Postpartum syncope due to excessive loss of blood
Actions Opens the orifices, moves qi, moves blood, removes phlegm
Branch Heart; Spleen; Lung; Stomach

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Chinese name An Xi Xiang (An Hsi Hsiang)
English name Benzoin

Acrid, bitter, and neutral, Benzoinum (an xi xiang) opens the orifices and invigorates the movement of qi and blood by virtue of its fragrant, dispersing aroma. Bensky


An Xi Xiang - 100%

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