Acu-Mag Cupping Set w/Magnets

Acu-Mag Cupping Set w/Magnets

Acu-Mag Cupping Set w/Magnets

Brand Clinical Supplies, Miscellaneous
Unit Size 17 piece set

Replacement Plastic Cups available in 2", 1.5", 1.3" and 1"

English name Acu-Mag Cupping Set w/Magnets
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New 17 plastic cup set with magnets which also apply a mild acu-pressure to the body. Each set includes 7 red and 8 blue color coded, 0.3" dia, 1,000 gauss, spring adjustable, 0.3" dia x 1.7" long, removable magnetic insert probes. These fit the 2" and 1.5" dia cups. Also includes pistol grip hand pump and carrying case. Samples of Semi-disposable plastic cup inserts which fit the 2" dia cups are included with set and are also available separately. Set of 17 includes 13 of the 2" dia cups and 1 each of the 1.8", 1.5", 1.3", and 1" dia cups.


SKU: HC220

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SKU: SF230-100

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