Rhodonite 8mm Bracelet

Rhodonite 8mm Bracelet

Rhodonite 8mm Bracelet

Brand Golden Needle Products
Unit Size 8mm
Taste Sweet, Spicy, Bitter
Properties Warming
Channels Entered Heart, Lung, Kidney
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Functions and Uses (From Franks: Stone Medicine )

Tonifies Qi, especially Heart, Lung, and Spleen for:

  • frequent illness, whether from internal or external factors*
  • cardiac insufficiency (such as panting after climbing stairs), lethargy with exertion*
  • chronic allergies, especially stress-related; hives*
  • bronchitis, respiratory vulnerability*
  • digestive issues in general, diarrhea, abdominal distention*

Regulates Defensive/Wei Qi for

  • over or underactive immune response, such as with frequent colds and allergies or autoimmune conditions (requires long-term internal use)*

Clears Heat by moving stagnation for

  • menopausal symptoms*
  • chronic inflammatory nerve conditions:  spasm, tremors, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, tinnitus, eye twitching, stuttering*
  • Raynaud's syndrome, neuropathy, loss of sensation or mobility of the limbs*

Breaks up Blood stagnation for

  • bruises, hematomas, blood clots*

Calms the Shen for

  • anxiety disorders*
  • traumas of life, fears and phobias*

Clears Fire Toxins at the Blood level for

  • autoimmune disorders, such as multiple sclerosis or inflammatory bowel disease*
  • leukemia*

Regenerates tissue for

  • broken bones, scarring of the bones*
  • surgical scars*
  • side effects of chemotherapy and radiation*
  • ulcerations, burns*
  • fibrotic accumulations*

Softens hardness for

  • arthritic joints, sclerotic skin*
  • arteriosclerosis*
  • rigid attitudes*

Emotional Use for

  • the person who lacks warmth, whether emotional or physical*
  • situations in which the heart is challenged by the difficulties of life - rhodonite helps us become more aware of the nature of the challenge and come to acceptance or resolution*

Intentional use for

  • relationship palace*
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