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about  Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan:
Jun 25, 2019
Working well long-term on low maintenance dose for a 65 year old client with long-standing fecal leakage attributed to rectal damage from childbirth. Other brands work also.
about  Stress Control:
Jun 3, 2019
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Excellent! Works well for anxiety. My and I patients miss it. Can't wait for this item to be back in stock.
about  TobacOff:
Apr 25, 2019
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It works. The only problem with it is the name. Some truly dedicated smokers will just quit taking it because it makes them NOT WANT to smoke and feel ill when smoking.
Apr 10, 2019
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I don't suppose there's anything better, save for somniferium exudate. I believe through responsible harvesting practices... Deforestation is imminent; it's that good.
Mar 8, 2019
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Love, love, love this book. Would be a fantastic graduation gift for anyone completing a TCM program.

Advantages: Lends perspective on how to treat, how to work on different levels of dx in layers, etc. Clarifies the mindset for greater effectiveness as a practitioner, particularly for someone fresh out of school.

Disadvantages: None. This is a great resource and regardless of the type of school attended, I think everyone can gain some insights from this book. I think this is particularly true for anyone with a gap between clinic and licensing (which seems more likely with the pending changes to the board exams).
Feb 16, 2019
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I love this moxa. The heat is light and consistent, and never burns.

Advantages: No guards needed.

Disadvantages: Must have a source of moisture to stick them on.
Jan 16, 2019
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these little packs are AWESOME! I've had then stay hot for over 36 hours - you just have to re-shake to warm them up again. Great to give to patient following localized treatment of joint or muscle pains - keeps chi abundant and moving in the area.

Advantages: cheap, effective; stay warm with heated moxa

Disadvantages: they are out of stock at this time!
Nov 30, 2018
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Really enjoy this, it is great for moving cups and gua sha. Nice balance of temperatures, feels great, and smells wonderful, too!
Nov 16, 2018
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These are easy to work with, and stay in place readily.

Advantages: These are very easy to control throughout the process of removing from the card to application to the patient. The design of the card and the flexibility of the tape make it easy to work with, using either a fingernail or a pair of tweezers.

Disadvantages: The seeds/beads are slightly larger than those I've seen in similar products, but the tape is slightly thicker, and quite supple, so it ends up not being an issue. You also have to get used to the seeds/beads being at risk of moving slightly on the tape, so takes a little more attention to be sure the seed/bead is placed exactly where you want it. It's wise to make sure they're firmly centered on the tape before applying them to the skin. This is not a major issue, but needs a little extra attention from the practitioner.
Nov 6, 2018
spicy& numbing, must dilute 1 dropper full to 3oz water
Oct 12, 2018
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I have owned 2 of these torches. The first one randomly started hissing one day and spraying butane (no previous drop or damage); it was really quite strange. I ordered a replacement and a month or 2 later the same exact thing happened again. I would not recommend this product again.
about  Kefiran:
Oct 4, 2018
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This is a great product at a fair price.

Advantages: Helps restore healthy intestinal flora.

Disadvantages: None
Aug 13, 2018
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I try every topical product before giving to patients and I ended up returning the whole lot. The description is misleading. This is nothing like the adhesive moxa pack/discs. The moxa "belt" is pretty useless. Doesn't secure the moxa pack on the back. There is no real contact between the moxa and the skin. It is very cumbersome to use. I ended up having to use KT tape to secure the moxa pack to the low back.

Advantages: If you simply want to lay this on top of your thigh, knee, or ankle, it would work.

Disadvantages: See above.
Jun 7, 2018
It tastes minty fresh and works really well.
Jun 7, 2018
This is an excellent mouthwash. Highly recommended.
Jun 7, 2018
My favorite toner ever!
Jun 7, 2018
My 44 year old face looks 10 years younger. This is a wonderful cream. It really works!
Jun 7, 2018
My skin has never felt better.
Jun 7, 2018
So mild yet so effective. I love this cleanser.
Apr 25, 2018
Product works well but there is about a 5% loss because that may well be operator error.

Advantages: Pretty fast once you get the hang of it.

Disadvantages: Some dimpling on the capsules but other than that no issues.
Mar 16, 2018
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I’ve been buying (initially, Western) herbs from Mountain Rose for decades. I have the utmost confidence in the quality of their products and feel certain of their commitment to the environment.
Oh, yeah, and the Dang Shen is yummy!

Advantages: The cut on these roots makes it so easy to store, measure and use. I far prefer it to the long, unmanageable roots that don’t fit in the grinder well, and hang out of the jar and cook pot. You’re gonna love it.
about  DopaPlus:
Feb 8, 2018
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I tried this product after using 1 jar of the Apex Energetics dopamine product. I prefer the PE Dopaplus. I find when taking 2 caps BID my mind is focused. The is a marked difference when I am not taking as directed. My mind jumps around and cannot stay on task. The changes are particularly noticed during meditation.
about  Kid's Biotic, 1 oz:
Jan 19, 2018
I have been using this for gan mao. it really stops them in their tracks. last one i only had a few doses remaining in the bottle. the symptoms were minimal while i took the formula. when it ran out, the symptoms worsened some: mild rhinitis, sneezing, body aches. but it passed through quickly and without knocking me out.

Advantages: it's handy to have a quick and easy bottle at home so i don't have to go into the clinic and get herbs when i feel one coming on.

Disadvantages: glycerine, childs formula. i double up the dosage for an adult.
Dec 27, 2017
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Bought these and just love them. High quality. Thin smoke and smell great!

Advantages: as above

Disadvantages: Moxa stinks regardless
Dec 7, 2017
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I love these glass cups, I have been using them for over 5 years now and love the ease and durability of them. Yes you do need to replace them occasionally they will break if you drop them

Advantages: Easy to apply no fire to deal with, Clean up is very easy with Soap and Hot water.
Often after moving cupping i use the glass edge to do a little Gua Sha on the tight knots, I find the very durable.

Disadvantages: you cant replace just one..