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Aug 2, 2022
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Excellent for Liver Invading Lung
Jul 7, 2022
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these are great! they stay hot for a long time, just give them a shake every once in a while.

Advantages: great for low back with the strap provided

Disadvantages: not easy or ideal to strap to upper back
Jul 6, 2022
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I usually use Seirin Moxa, but decided to try these.

Advantages: cheap

Disadvantages: very difficult to light. The metal basket turns RED hot before the moxa lights! I won't buy them again.
Jul 2, 2022
We love this oil … I just finished the bash I got over 15 year ago ( I got 20 of them). I kind of fickle out when I saw a different label…. But I’m hoping that this oils is 5 stars as the oils I have use for many years and absolutely LOVE ❤️

Advantages: Is great to detox liver , work on scars , wrinkles on gave
about  Gui Pi Wan, Pills:
Nov 22, 2021
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I had been using this at bedtime to attempt improve sleep quality - possibly somewhat helpful, possibly not. Nothing remarkable at any rate, at a dose of 15 pills. (I'm using other tonic formulae during the day.) One night, decided to dissolve these pills in water for a more pronounced effect. I was surprised that there was no sweet component to the taste at all that I could detect, in spite of the fact that the formula contains a number of sweet-tasting herbs: Astragalus, Codonopsis, Longan, Baked Licorice, and Red Date. Also, Tang-Kuei has a particular taste that stands out, and this was not noted. So I would not consider using this version where tonifying deficiency was a desirable property. And frankly, I wondered if the contents matched the description.
As a matter of comparison, I prepared Gui Pi Tang from single 5:1 extracts. A different taste entirely.

Disadvantages: May not contain what it says it does.
Oct 28, 2021
Processing herbs can be a total pain in the butt so its wonderful that you carry Vinegar Fried Frankincense!

Advantages: Already processed for optimal usage.
Oct 25, 2021
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great product for to support clients with mild or sub-clinial (where pt. does not need hospitalization) withdrawal symptoms, EtOH, THC

Advantages: Aids with withdrawal symptoms of substance abuse, with emphasis on EtOH and THC withdrawal, including mild-moderate anxiety, hot/cold sweats, night-sweats, etc.
Sep 25, 2021
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I’ve had these ear seeds for a few months now and I noticed the adhesive start to melt/stick to the plastic it came on (starting maybe a month ago) This makes the ear seeds less sticky which is really frustrating. My friend also ordered the same brand and had the same issue. I tried another brand that I really liked and the adhesive was fantastic, but the seed size was way too tiny. I will say the seed size on this product is the perfect size and give amazing stimulation. Just wish the adhesive was better and that there was a clear option offered.

Advantages: Seed size

Disadvantages: Adhesive deteriorates and sticks to packaging making it hard to take the seeds off and also in turn make the seeds not sticky anymore.
Sep 23, 2021
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I just received my first DUX ear pellets (silver) and immediately fell in LOVE with them. The way they are packaged is high quality and they attach to the ear with a breeze. I will never use a different brand!

Advantages: High quality

Disadvantages: NONE
Sep 1, 2021
That the potency of the 3 major components are shown in 3 separate units seems a deliberate attempt to obfuscate comparison with other products using USP units. For exampe, one FIP unit of lipase is only 1/3 USP unit.
See fig 14. 4 at

Advantages: No experience yet, but the wide pH efficacy seems advantageous, especially of insufficient pancreatic bicarbonate secretion fails to alkalize acid chyme. released into the duodenum

Disadvantages: Label is obfuscatory. Put it ALL in standard USP units of enzyme activity, so we know what we're getting without crawling the internet to convert units.
Aug 28, 2021
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I've used this laser for animal acupuncture treatments in patients who don't tolerate laser.

Advantages: Appears effective. Quick. Improved patient compliance with treatments.

Disadvantages: Stopped working one year after purchase. Only lightly used.
Aug 16, 2021
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Love the moisturizing aspect and how it smells but it turned moldy after a few months.

Advantages: Extremely moisturizing in the winter. Smells wonderful.

Disadvantages: Molded. Needs some sort of preservative.
Aug 6, 2021
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Love them! These are my go-to pain patches.

Advantages: No latex, effective combination of herbs, easy to apply, can be cut to fit smaller areas or specific points, easily portable. These are also a great add-on to relieve tenderness after orthopedic needling.

Disadvantages: Only an issue on hairy areas, but this is true of ALL patches. Their cream or poultice (depending on presentation) is a nice companion/alternative for areas that are too difficult to treat with the patch (e.g.- around joints).
Jul 20, 2021
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Love love love this machine!

Advantages: Multiple therapies

Disadvantages: None - although it would be nice to display the wave hz in numbers
about  Lung Qi Jr:
Jul 15, 2021
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I love this pediatric formula definitely helps get rid of cough even for adults but runs out quickly :)

Disadvantages: Expired date. Please be sure to check expiration date prior to shipping.
Jun 9, 2021
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This turned moldy. The only face cream that I've ever had in 20+ years of using face creams. Otherwise I loved it.
May 23, 2021
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I've used Bio Essence Herbs for decades. There products are first rate. This particular formula is one of the most valuable. How many patients I've seen with hip, leg, lower bck where acupuncture is only partially effective, using kidney yang herbs because there is coldness, is also a problem but the pain persists -- Pain is blockage and this formula is phenomenal and irreplaceable for lower warmer blood stagnation with pain. i might also prescribe it with youg gui wan.
Apr 25, 2021
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The only natural remedy that has worked for my mother’s 12 year old aussiedoodle. They live in a rural area and Brisby has always had high anxiety about thunderstorms, fireworks and gun shots until recently. K-9 Madness beats storm shirts, flower essences, homeopathics, etc. Highly recommend!

Advantages: Just a light dusting as indicated on the instructions is all it takes. Amazing!
Apr 22, 2021
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This cream is great! I read the other review saying how it took 10 yrs off her face, so I decided to try it. So glad I did! I now use this every night and my face looks fresher with fewer fine lines.
Apr 12, 2021
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I received a sample of this in a Golden Needle shipment. I was immediately drawn in by the eye catching promo card and curious about the product. After diffusing through the night, I woke from a peaceful sleep breathing deeply and easily with Lungs refreshed. I was very impressed! This is my go to mineral blend anytime I feel my Lungs need general support. You must check out OHM's website as it will open up a world to you! OHM's customer service is excellent as well! Ruth Findlay has a wealth of knowledge and a gift for healing with stones.

Advantages: A little goes a long way.
Apr 12, 2021
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Personally, I am a huge fan of OHM's products. I have been using them since Christmas 2020 and the recent addition of Just. Add.Aloe+ELements has become the basis of my daily self care routine. Within a month of using this product daily and a few simple OHM recommendations, I have staved off migraines by addressing a recurrent Bi Syndrome pattern affecting the Tai Yang level! I placed my clinic order last week and plan to carry Just.Add.Aloe+Elements for my patients crucial self care.

Advantages: I like to take daily baths and soak in OHM's mineral bath blends, especially Elements. When I can't take a bath, this is the next best thing. Extremely convenient and a little goes a long way!

Disadvantages: On cold and even cool mornings, the aloe can feel really cold. I applied after a warm shower while pores were open and this felt less shocking.
Apr 3, 2021
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Dull needles. Poor Clinician & Patient Experience. Cheap Quality.

I've used lancets, hollow bleeding needles (14gauge), and while the hollow needles were out of stock I thought I'd try out these 3-edge needles.

I learned through the experience one more reason to steer clear of Chinese needles. Korean, Japanese, Swiss have been great...just not Chinese.

Advantages: I'm glad I tried these out to have an experience with 3-edge needles. Now I know what they are.

Disadvantages: Everything is cheap about these. The plastic packaging that separates the needles is stiff and brittle.

The needles themselves are dull and "stick" more than I have been used to using hollow bleeding needles.

It is too bad. If 3-edge needles were available in a better quality it might be worth comparing with the other bleeding needles.

By comparison, I can recommend the Acurea bleeding needles. Major noticeable difference with better handling and sharper tip. Patients often don't notice being pricked with them.
Apr 2, 2021
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My cat loves this blend, I either mix it into wet food or sprinkle it on to and she will even lick it off my fingers! She is 17yo and I got this supplement to help her over the cold damp winter along with Revitalize from Wapiti labs. I recommend it!
Mar 13, 2021
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I like diffusing this product in my bedroom throughout the night, particularly after a long day of wearing a mask.

Advantages: The pet-safe formula (no essential oils for those with cats) helps patients feel comfortable using the product.

Disadvantages: If you let too much sediment get into your diffuser, it can create dust. This is mostly avoidable by just pouring the infused water into your diffuser and leaving the sediment behind.
about  Po Sum On Oil:
Mar 8, 2021
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Excellent for a variety of muscular pain issues. Unlike other products, it has a nice balance of warming and cooling not leaving the patient feeling chilled. I use this when cupping and with Tui Na mixing it, at times with an unscented lotion. I also sell as much as I use. People love this product!

Advantages: Analgesic
A little goes a long way
Most patients love the scent

Disadvantages: Can stain clothing
Scent can be too much for some, and too much if they are returning to work after treatment

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