Qing Hua Jiao - Zanthoxyli Pericarpium, 5ml

Qing Hua Jiao - Zanthoxyli Pericarpium, 5ml

Qing Hua Jiao - Zanthoxyli Pericarpium, 5ml

Brand Alchemica Botanica TCM Essential Oils
Unit Size 5 ml *note: wholesale pricing not available for the 5 mL single essential oils.

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CO2 extracted Zanthoxyli Pericarpium
Zanthoxylum schinifolium, Green Sichuan Pepper, Prickly ash pepper tree peel, “Green Flower Pepper”

The aroma of this Qing Hua Jiao essential oil first strikes the senses as fresh green grass. Then its true peppery lemon quality opens up with a warm dispersing, clearing and drying effect. It is produced by CO2 extraction.

Although the green variety of Zanthoxyli is a bit more gentle than it’s red colored relative, it should always be used with caution due to its hot and acrid nature. Dilute to 1%. That being said, Qing Hua Jiao truly warms and tonifies the Kidney Fire at the Gate of Life and the Spleen Yang and used properly in blends, can be very beneficial.

For symptoms of Spleen Yang deficiency or cold-damp diarrhea practitioners may combine Qing Hua Jiao essential oil with oils of Cang Zhu (Atractylodis), Mu Xiang (Auklandia), Gan Jiang (Zingirberis) and Dang Shen (Codonopsis).

Qing Hua Jiao kills intestinal parasites and relieves the associated abdominal pain and vomiting.

Su He Xiang (Styrax) also eliminates intestinal parasites and these two essential oils used together could enhance this function.

For the skin, Qing Hua Jiao may be considered as an ingredient in topical applications for pruritus, genital itching or irritation and eczema. For this purpose essential oils of Qing Hua Jiao and She Chuang Zi (Cnidii) could be combined, properly diluted in a carrier oil. Qing Hua Jiao may also be included in a compress for soreness and swelling due to cold in the scrotum.

TCM Category: Warming the Interior and expelling Cold

Channels Entered: Kidney, Spleen, Stomach

Note: Top
Major Chemical Constituents: myrcene, limonene, B-phellandrene, a,-B- pinene, 1,8-cineole, xanthoxylin, skimmianine, kokusaginine, hplopine, herniarin.

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