Nephrite Jade, Jumbo Tumbled

Nephrite Jade, Jumbo Tumbled

Nephrite Jade, Jumbo Tumbled

Brand Golden Needle Products
Unit Size 1 tumbled Nephrite Stone (2' - 3")
Taste Sweet
Properties Neutral. Extremely durable. Protective. Streghtens the Kidneys; a reflective stone that promotes inner peace.
Contraindications Do not use with substances that stimulate Kidney Yang. Steroids. Cinnabar.
Actions Regulates Qi and Fluids. Descending, enhances circulation; enhances inner energy for overcoming listlessness and excessive need for rest; quells excessive sex drive and need for power and control; promotes the emotional maturation process; aids in finding balance between one's own needs and desires and those of others; promotes fertility and strengthens the function of the sex organs; enhances the kidney energy;
Pattern The Green Color is caused by chromium.
Channels Entered Liver, Gallbladder
Cleansing and Charging Must be cleansed very thoroughly as it easily absorbs pathology. Cleanse in hematite (Franks), running water or with a sage or peppermint infusion (Eason).
Crystal Structure Monoclinic
Stone Group Chain Silicate, amphibole group
Level of Formation Metamorphic/Ying
Chakra Heart
Chemical Formula Ca2(Mg, Fe)5[(OH, F)2|Si8)22] + Al,Na,Cr
Three Treasure Association Jing
Zodiac Sign Pisces; Libra
Planetary Association Venus/Neptune
Direction Association East
Chinese name Yu
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Functions & Uses (Franks:  Stone Medicine)

1.  Anchors ascending Liver Yang for:

  • curbing agressive or hostile tendencies, including self-directed agression.*
  • nightmares, fright disorders.*

2.  Resolves Liver invading Stomach for:

  • Nausea, epigastric distention, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).*

3.  Rids the body of parasites, breaks up pathology that has violated the constitution*, for:

  • parasites.*
  • kidney stones*

4.  Stimulates Wei Qi, for

  • allergies*
  • urinary tract infection*

5.  Regulates fluid metabolism*

Use raw and tumbled stones in massage and meditation to create balance and inner peace.  It opens us to strangers and helps improve relationships by imparting a more balanced self.

Spiritual Use:  Protection against hostile influences.

Emotional Use:  Brings certainty.  Reduces tension and worry to discharge violent emotions and soothe aggression.  Inner peace.

Mental Use:  Encourages neutrality and tolerance.  Helps with indecisiveness, doubt and brooding.  Allows for creativity.

Physical Use:  Improves Kidney function.*  Acid/alkaline metabolism balance.*

Nephrite is the toughest of all natural stones.  It cannot be chiseled.  Only sharp abrasives are effective in grinding it.  As jewelry, it is exceptionally durable.

Jeffrey Yuan calls this stone a transformer stone.  A stone of cultivation, it is used in massage tools to bring about what is resistant to completion.

Jade is a stone of completion.  It connects one with the divine. It does not work well for people who are not cultivating themselves.  Use it when you want to manifest completion.

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