Tai Yi Moxa Rolls

Tai Yi Moxa Rolls

Tai Yi Moxa Rolls

Brand Clinical Supplies, Miscellaneous
Unit Size Box of 10 rolls
CAUTION Direct moxa, indirect moxa, and needle moxa should always be administered and used under the direction or supervision of a qualified practitioner.
English name Tai Yi Moxa Rolls
Description Chinese traditional packed moxa rolls are used for indirect moxa heat treatment. Tai-I moxa rolls are made of pure moxa and natural herbs and are aged for one year.

Ramulus Cinnamomi (1%), Rhizoma Alpiniae Officinarum(1%), Herba Agastachis (1%), Dalbergiae Odorferce (2%), Rhizoma Cyperi (1%), Radix Angelicae Dahuricae (1%), Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae (1.5%), Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae (1%), Commiphora (0.5%), Folium Artemisiae Argyi (90%). 

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DBC Smokeless Mini Moxa

SKU: OS322
Brand: DongBang

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