Sea Salt Shaker, Flaky

Sea Salt Shaker, Flaky

Sea Salt Shaker, Flaky

Brand Pacific Salt
Unit Size 7oz (207g)
English name Sea Salt Flaky
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New Zealand - Pacific Marlborough Flaky Sea Salt is crafted from salt harvested from the clear waters of the great southern oceans. Currents sweep around the east coast of New Zealand's South Island and into the solar salt field located in the Marlborough province, at the top of New Zealand's South Island. Pacific Marlborough Flaky Sea Salt is evaporated by an age-old process producing unique flake shaped crystals, prized by the Epicurean palate for their flavor, soft texture and versatility when combined with fine cuisine. The great benefit of Marlborough Flaky Sea Salt is its light delicate taste and its adherence to food. In simple terms the salt "sticks" to food which makes it ideal for salting things like salads and even foods like French Fries! Use it in all types of cooking and for salting food after cooking. Marlborough Flaky sea salt may be sprinkled on food by gently crushing between the fingers to the crystal size you require. * There are no chemical additives or processing aids used in Marlborough Flaky Sea Salt production and there is just one ingredient - seawater. The process fits in with principles and is Certified by Bio-Gro New Zealand.


100% Sea Salt

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