Brand White Tiger
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Dosage 1 tablet /2x/daily for women; 1-2 tablets /2x/daily for men
Western Symptomology autoimmune disorders, bone marrow deficiencies, impotence associated with aging.

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English name Pantosterone
Description This formulation is intended to deliver an appropriate amount of DHEA to restore optimum levels in persons who suffer from DHEA deficiencies, as occur in many autoimmune disorders, with chronic stress, and with premature aging. DHEA is the primary hormone of the adrenal cortex and is an androgen. It serves as a precursor for the body to produce other hormones, but may also have physiological action of its own: it is reported that DHEA is protective against heart disease and viral infection. the intended use of this formula is just one tablet each time for women, and 2 tablets each time for men, two times daily (this follows the natural pattern of DHEA levels, which are higher in men than they are in women). At this dose DHEA will not reach non-physiological levels, but will remain high to provide its natural effects. The hormone is here combined with two herbs that invigorate the kidney system, to which the adrenals belong. Deer antler is a yang tonic and essence nourishing agent that helps promote bone marrow functions: eleuthero is a qi and yang tonic that enhances immune functions. the amount of deer antler and eleuthero correspond to the typical daily doses of each recommended in chinese clinical practice: deer antler is normally given as a powder, eleuthero as a decoction (here, a dried extract is used). *
Ingredients one tablet provides ~ Lu rong (deer antler) 500mg ~ ci wu jia (eleuthero ginseng) 500mg ~ DHEA 7.5mg

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