KuPun Moxa - Smokeless

KuPun Moxa - Smokeless

KuPun Moxa - Smokeless

Brand DongBang
Unit Size box of 200
English name KuPun Moxa - Smokeless

Used for warming points or areas of the body with comfortable indirect moxa heat. To Be used with Ku-Pun burning bowls. The 1" dia (1 hole) is used for single points, the 2" dia (5 hole) is used for larger areas. Features an insulating rubber base. The Ku-Pun with moxa may also be placed over a needle (needle moxa). Use tape to secure Ku-Pun on body. Uses 1" x 0.25" rigid Regular or Smokeless Sook moxa sticks with hollow center.

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DBC Smokeless Mini Moxa

SKU: OS322
Brand: DongBang

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