Kid's Echinacea Plus, 32 oz

Kid's Echinacea Plus, 32 oz

Kid's Echinacea Plus, 32 oz

SKU VW706-32
Brand Vitality Works
Unit Size 32 oz
Dosage 10-30 lbs, use 10 drops: 31-60 lbs, use 20 drops; 61 - 100 lbs, use 40 drops. Take 2-3 times per day.
Potency 1:2
Properties 100% gluten free, Kosher
Contraindications Not under 1 year of age, Pregnancy
Western Symptomology Colds, flu
English name Kid's Echinacea Plus, 32 oz
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This safe immune tonic is best-used long term (months is OK) to boost immune function when low or deficient. For those who get frequent colds, flues and what ever is going around. Kid's Echinacea Plus will decrease the chance one will get sick. It wil increase white blood cell activity via phagocytosis (the munching of white blood cells), interferon, NK (Natural Killer) T-cell activity; decrease nacrosis or degranulation (tissue breakdown from infection). Kids's Echinacea Plus is agreat family immune booster to prevent the passing of colds/flus to each other.*


Supplement Facts

Serving Size:  30 drops ( 1ml)

Servings per Container:  30

Amount per Serving - 500mg Herb Weight Equivalence

Proprietary Blend:

Fresh Echinacea angustifolia Root (Certified Organic)

Fresh Echinacea purpurea Flower (Certified Organic)

Elderberry Berry (Certified Organic)

Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) - 20mg (33% DV)

Herb Strength Ratio:  1:2

Other Ingredients:  Vegetable glycerin, Deionized water

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