Far Infrared Herbal Paste, 450 gm jar

Far Infrared Herbal Paste, 450 gm jar

Far Infrared Herbal Paste, 450 gm jar

Brand Golden Sunshine
Unit Size 450 gram patient size
Dosage Apply generous amount to clean and dry affected area and cover with gauze once a day.
Properties For the temporary relief of acute or chronic pain and swelling due to injury of muscle, bone and joints associated with simple backache, arthritis, strains, bruises, trauma, and sprains.
Contraindications For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes. Do not apply to wound or damaged skin.
Chinese Symptomology Backache; Pain; Trauma; Traumatic injury; Sprains; Strains; Bruises
Western Symptomology Arthritis
Actions Dispel stasis
Pattern Blood Stasis; Pain; Trauma; Traumatic injury
English name Far Infrared Herbal Paste, 450 gm jar

Herbal Pastes are Golden Sunshine’s strongest formulations for traumatic injury where deep penetration to the connective tissues is desired. They are anti-inflammatory and reduce edema caused by muscle, bone and joint injuries. They are an effective analgesic for acute or chronic pain induced by arthritis, rheumatism, bruises, swelling, trauma, sore muscles and sprained joints. This product is one of Golden Sunshine's strongest formulations for trauma to muscles, joints or bone. Deep penetrating, anti-inflamatory, reduces swelling.


Active Ingredients
Menthol 3% - Topical Analgesic
Wintergreen Oil 3% - Topical Analgesic

Other Ingredients
Sesame oil, resin, zinc oxide, tourmaline, amperopsis radix, angelica dahuricae
radix, angelicae sinensis radix, cinnamonomi cortex, momordicae semen,
paeonia veitchii radix, notopterygium rhizoma, lindera radix, glycyrrhizae radix,
angelica tuhon radix, scrophulariae radix, rhei rhizoma rhemaniae radix et
rhizoma, sophorae radix, indigo carmine, tartrazine.

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