Ear Seeds - 60 Count

Ear Seeds - 60 Count

Ear Seeds - 60 Count

Brand DUX
Unit Size 60 Seeds
CAUTION This product contains latex
English name Ear Seeds - 60 Count
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The PRESS SEEDS package features sixty adhesives in top fixing round tan plaster tape with quality finish, rounded edges and selected seeds that vary in sizes between 1.5 mm and 1.8 mm. It is presented in a non-stick plastic card with cavities that aid removal of the adhesives and an auricular map integrated on the back. Plastic card is 100% recyclable !


Ear Seeds

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Nov 16, 2018
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These are easy to work with, and stay in place readily.

Advantages: These are very easy to control throughout the process of removing from the card to application to the patient. The design of the card and the flexibility of the tape make it easy to work with, using either a fingernail or a pair of tweezers.

Disadvantages: The seeds/beads are slightly larger than those I've seen in similar products, but the tape is slightly thicker, and quite supple, so it ends up not being an issue. You also have to get used to the seeds/beads being at risk of moving slightly on the tape, so takes a little more attention to be sure the seed/bead is placed exactly where you want it. It's wise to make sure they're firmly centered on the tape before applying them to the skin. This is not a major issue, but needs a little extra attention from the practitioner.
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