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Duck Treats, Dry Roasted 3oz

Duck Treats, Dry Roasted 3oz

Duck Treats, Dry Roasted 3oz

Brand Smiling Dog Treats (from Herbsmith)
Unit Size 3 oz bags
Dosage feed as treat
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Cooling food energetics. Great for the allergic or anxious dog! Smiling Dog treats are different. Made with no grain, fillers or artificial preservatives, Herbsmith’s Smiling Dog treats help dogs live naturally. Dogs are scavenger carnivores, designed to primarily eat and digest meat with some vegetables and fruits or little to no grain. That's why Smiling Dog has real food treats made with simple basic ingredients based on a dog's optimal diet. At Herbsmith, we feel that pets should not simply eat to live… they should eat to thrive! The right diet can bring your dog into a whole new state of health and wellness. grain-free no fillers, additives or artificial preservatives sourced & made in the U.S.A


Dry Roasted Duck: Duck, lemon juice

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