Dandelion Root, 32 oz

Dandelion Root, 32 oz

Dandelion Root, 32 oz

SKU VW131-32
Brand Vitality Works
Unit Size 32 fl. oz.
Dosage 30-60 drops, 2-3 times daily
Contraindications Contraindicated in blockage of bile ducts, acute gallbladder inflammation, and intestinal blockage.
Actions Alterative;Anti-Histamine;Diuretic;Cools the Liver;Liver protectant
English name Dandelion Root, 32 oz
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Dandelion is a liver cooler for elevated liver enzymes, hive, allergies, hayfever, Hepatitis C and excess anger. It may help lower liver enzymes that are elevated. It cools or calms the liver and prevents liver break down. It can lower an allergy attack from pollen and can lessen a hive reaction. Dandelion is also a diuretic primarily in the circulatory areas, so it will reduce blood volume and high blood pressure. It will also help reduce uric acid levels that are high (Gout). It is a very gentle diuretic systemically and can help to reduce water throughout the body.


Certified Organic Fresh Dandelion Root - Taraxacum officinale (1-1.5)

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