Cup n Stim 3cm

Cup n Stim 3cm

Cup n Stim 3cm

Brand Clinical Supplies, Miscellaneous
Unit Size PACK OF 2 CUPS

Also available in 4.5cm Cup and 6cm cup

English name Cup n Stim 3cm
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The innovative design of Cup n Stim combines cupping therapy and T.E.N.S. in a simple, effective way. Cups easily adhere to any body point with the push of a finger. The more pressure applied on the cup, the more suction the cup provides. Each cup can then be connected to any TENS pin lead wire for added point stimulation. No fire or hand pumps required. Cups can be sterilized in boiling water. Set includes 2 semi-transparent cups and instructions and is available in 3 cm, 4.5 cm and 6 cm dia. May not work with mico or milli amp units - only recommended for TENS units. This will not work with EStim II.

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