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Angelica Root (10% in jojoba) Essential Oil

Angelica Root (10% in jojoba) Essential Oil

Angelica Root (10% in jojoba) Essential Oil

Brand Snow Lotus Essential Oils
Unit Size 10 ml bottle
Actions Regulates qi, Resolves damp, and harmonizes the mind (Holmes, Clincial Aromatherapy, 2009).
English name Angelica Root (10% in jojoba) Essential Oil
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Distilled from organic Angelica roots, a deep, rooty-herbaceous note with fresh, spicy overtones. Strongly grounding, centering, tonifying and calming. A classic oil to revive and pacify when overstimulation causes exhaustion, worry and sleeping difficulties and digestive problems. Angelica root is also famous for its ability to address a wide variety of women's conditions.


Angelica root (10% in jojoba) (Angelica archangelica), root, cultivated, organic, from France.

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