Zuo Gui Wan, 16oz

Zuo Gui Wan, 16oz

Zuo Gui Wan, 16oz

SKU FIVE274-16
Brand Five Flavors Herbs
Unit Size 16oz
Potency 1:3 Concentrate
Chinese Symptomology Kidney Yin Deficiency; lumbago; vertigo; light-headedness; tinnitus; spontaneous and noctural emission; night sweat; mouth and throat dry; thirst; dizziness; afternoon or night low fever; dim eyesight; soreness and weakness in the lower back and legs; inc
Western Symptomology Kidney yin vacuity with essence-marrow depletion resulting in dizziness, tinnitus, low back and lower extremity soreness and limpness, seminal emission, and night sweats
Actions Replenishes the Yin; Tonifies the Kidney; Strengthens the Vital Essence and marrow
Pattern Kidney yin vacuity with essence-marrow depletion
Chinese name Zuo Gui Wan
English name Cyathula & Rehmannia Formula
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Within this formula, Shu Di Huang strongly supplements true yin. Shan Zhu Yu and Gou Qi Zi supplement the liver and nourish blood. Shan Yao supplements yin at the same time as it fortifies the spleen. Lu Jiao Jiao and Gui Ban Jiao, being bloody, meaty ingredients, fill the essence. Tu Si Zi supplements both yin and yang evenly, while Chuan Niu Xi guides the other medicinals to move downward, supplements the liver and kidneys, strengthens the sinews and bones, and quickens the blood. This formula comes from Zhang Jing-yues later Ming dynasty Jing Yue Quan Shu (Jing-yues Collected Writings) published in 1624.


Prepared Rehmannia root [Shu Di Huang], Asiatic Dogwood fruit [Shan Zhu Yu], Chinese Yam root [Shan Yao], Lycium fruit [Gou Qi Zi], Cuscuta seed [Tu Si Zi], Deer Antler gelatin [Lu Jiao Jiao], Turtle Shell gelatin [Gui Ban Jiao], Cyathula root [Chuan Niu Xi].

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