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Xiao Hui Xiang Granules, 100g

Xiao Hui Xiang Granules, 100g

Xiao Hui Xiang Granules, 100g

Brand BioEssence Granules
Unit Size 100 grams
Potency 5:1 extract granules
Taste Acrid - Bensky
Properties Warm - Bensky
Contraindications Contraindicated in those with blazing fire from yin deficiency.
Chinese Symptomology Lower abdominal pain; Indigestion, reduced appetite, vomiting
Actions Harmonizes the middle, warms the lower burner, treats bulging disorder - Bensky
Pattern Stomach cold, cold - Bensky
Channels Entered Liver, Kidney, Spleen, Stomach - Bensky
Chinese name Xiao Hui Xiang
English name fennel fruit

Excerpted from Bensky:  Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica, 3rd ed.

  • Disperses cold, warms the Liver and Kidneys, and stops pain:  used to warm and encourage movement in the Liver channel or the lower burner, as in cold bulging disorders, or any kind of lower abdominal pain due to cold.*
  • Regulates the qi and harmonizes the Stomach:  for Stomach cold with such syptoms as abdominal pain, indigestion, reduced appetite, and vomiting.*

Xiao Hui Xiang - Foeniculi Fructus

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