Xiao Chai Hu Tang (w/o Ginseng), Capsules

Xiao Chai Hu Tang (w/o Ginseng), Capsules

Xiao Chai Hu Tang (w/o Ginseng), Capsules

Brand KPC Formulas - Capsules
Unit Size 100 capsule bottle
Dosage 4 capsules
Potency 5:1
Contraindications Use with care in cases with headache and dizziness if taken longterm. Also use with care in cases of ascendant hyperactivity of liver yang, upward flaming of liver fire, or yin vacuity with internal heat.
Actions Harmonizes the two meridians of Shaoyang -- the Triple Warmer and Gallbladder.
Pattern Syndromes of the Shao-Yang channel
Tongue Thin, white coat
Pulse Wiry
Chinese name Xiao Chai Hu Tang (w/o Ginseng)
English name Minor Bupleurum Decoction (w/o Ginseng)
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This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale. If you need help finding a similar product please email us.


This formula helps gently relieve Shao-Yang disorders; expels pathogenic factors from the Exterior to reduce fever.


Serving size: 4 capsules

Servings per container: 25

Chai hu (bupleurum root) 572mg

Ban xia (pinellia rhizome) 572mg

Huang qin (scutellaria root) 214mg

Gan cao (licorice root) 214mg

Sheng jiang (ginger rhizome) 214mg

Da zao (jujube fruit) 214mg

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