Wu Ling Pian (EXPIRES 12-2021)

Wu Ling Pian (EXPIRES 12-2021)

Wu Ling Pian (EXPIRES 12-2021)

Brand Tanglong Tablets (American Healing)
Unit Size 60 tablets
Potency 5:1 / 750 mg
Properties This classical formula was created for Bladder meridian or Bladder organ dysfunctions, such as neck pain or lower back pain.
Chinese Symptomology Fluid retention marked by headache, fever, thirst with vomiting after drinking water; disturbance in urination; edema, diarrhea, fluid-retention syndrome, dizziness, and a feeling of palpitation in the lower abdomen.
Western Symptomology Acute gastroenteritis, cyclic vomiting, pseudo cholera, skin eruptions or hives due to cold, initial stage of acute nephritis, edema of scrotum, and retention of urine belonging to the syndrome of fluid retention.
Actions Strengthens Urinary Bladder function, promotes urination, helps drain and dry dampness, promotes the transforming functions of Qi.
Pattern Fluid retention
Branch Bladder
Chinese name Wu Ling Pian
English name Five Ingredients with Poria Tablets

Zhong's classical prescription treats accumulation of water in the limbs, joints, organs, and digestive tract. Zhang originally used it for Wind invasions that penetrate to the Bladder, causing water rebellion - water retention and vomiting of fluids. Modern clinical use applies it as an effective diuretic, both in the abdominal cavity and the limbs. It also has applications for the treatment of headache in chronic fatigue syndrome, where the headache is often due to water swelling in the Brain. It is also used in the naturopathic approach to assist the Kidney in drainage of accumulated toxins. (Fratkin, Chinese Herbal Patent Medicines)

Ingredients Ze Xie - Alisma; Zhu Ling - Polyporus; Fu Ling - Poria; Bai Zhu - Atractylodes; Gui Zhi - Cinnamon

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