Wild American Ginseng Instant Tea, 20 sachets

Wild American Ginseng Instant Tea, 20 sachets

Wild American Ginseng Instant Tea, 20 sachets

Brand Prince of Peace
Unit Size 2 g x 20 sachets (60 g/2.1oz)
Dosage Dissolve the contents of one WIld American Ginseng Instant Tea sachet in a cup (8 fl. Oz.) of either hot or cold water. Delicious with or without sweetening.
Chinese name Xi Yang Shen
English name Wild American Ginseng
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Wild American Ginseng Tea has been carefully selected, processed and packaged for your enjoyment from what is prized as one of the high valued ginsengs in the world. Traditionally, the consumption of ginseng is believed to help boost energy levels, relieve stress, promote good memory retention and maintain a healthy blood sugar level as well as a healthy immune system.

Since ancient times, Ginseng has been the optimum natural healthy product. For the people who want to enjoy the benefits but don’t have the time to boil or cook, Prince of Peace’s high grade wild American Ginseng Instant Tea is your best fit. It is suitable for all people in all seasons.


Serving size: 1 sachet

 Wild American Ginseng, Wisconsin American Ginseng Root Extract, Glucose


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