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Wen Jing Tang, 32oz

Wen Jing Tang, 32oz

Wen Jing Tang, 32oz

SKU FIVE260-32
Brand Five Flavors Herbs
Unit Size 32oz
Potency 1:3 Concentrate
Chinese Symptomology Irregular menstruation due to the deficiency-cold in the Chong and Ren channels; accumulation of stagnant blood marked by preceded or delayed menstrual cycle, or overdue, persistent menstrual duration, or excess menstruation in a month; nightfall fever, feverish sensation in the palms, parched lips and dry mouth, pain and cold in the lower abdomen, difficulty in conceiving.
Western Symptomology Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, chronic pelvic inflammation, menstrual cramps, and hysteromyoma marked by the above-mentioned symptoms, cystitis, menopausal symptoms.
Pattern Deficiency-cold in the Chong and Ren channels.
Tongue Usually pale with a white coating.
Pulse Usually deep and slow.
Chinese name Wen Jing Tang
English name Dang Gui & Evodia Cobmination
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This formula is for deficiency and cold of the conception and penetrating vessels together with obstruction due to the stasis of blood. The penetrating vessel is the 'sea of blood,' and the conception vessel is responsible for the well-being of the fetus. Both of these channels begin in the lower abdomen and have a very close relationship to the menses. When the vessels are deficient and cold, the blood becomes static and the qi stagnates. This manifests as mild, persistent uterine bleeding, irregular menstruation (either early or late), extended or continuous menstrual flow, bleeding between periods, lower abdominal pain, distention, cold, and infertility. When the stasis of blood obstructs the channels, the blood cannot remain in its normal pathways and the penetrating and conception vessels become destabilized, causing early menstruation. Cold, stagnant blood can impede the menstrual flow and caused delayed menstruation. When the essence and blood are destabilized due to the inability of deficient qi to govern the blood, the flow will be extended or continuous. And when the penetrating and conception vessels are not properly regulated, blood may spill out of the womb between periods. Perhaps more difficult to understand are those symptoms which are characteristic of heat. These may be due either to deficiency of blood or obstruction. The Classic of Difficulties (chapter 22) notes that the blood governs moistening. In this condition the presence of blood stasis impedes the production of new blood. This results in a lack of moisture in the body, which manifests as dry lips and mouth. The low-grade fever at dusk and warm palms and soles may be attributed to deficiency and stasis of blood. One part of the blood is composed of fluids which are responsible for moistening and cooling. Deficient blood deprives the body of moisture, and the stasis of blood obstructs the dissemination of fluids throughout the body. This formula was originally devised for the treatment of cold from deficiency of the penetrating and conception vessels, with internal obstruction due to blood stasis producing mild, persistent uterine bleeding. The etiology was considered to be the stasis of blood in the aftermath of a miscarriage. The formula has since been used primarily in treating irregular menstruation. Bensky: Chinese Herbal Medicine Formulas and Strategies.*


Pinellia rhizome [Ban Xia], Dwarf Lilyturf root [Mai Men Dong], Evodia aerial parts [Wu Zhu Yu], Fresh Ginger rhizome [Sheng Jiang], Angelica sinensis root [Dang Gui], Sichuan Lovage rhizome [Chuan Xiong], White Peony root [Bai Shao], Ass-Hide gelatin [E Jiao], Panax Ginseng root [Ren Shen], Cinnamon twig [Gui Zhi], Tree Peony root [Mu Dan Pi], Licorice root [Gan Cao].

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