Tong Jing Wan Teapills

Tong Jing Wan Teapills

Tong Jing Wan Teapills

Brand BioEssence Teapills
Unit Size 192 Teapills
Dosage Adults take 2 capsules twice daily with meal. Please consult your physician before taking this product.
Potency 3:1
Contraindications Prohibited during pregnancy. Discontinue once cramps cease so as not to aggravate menstrual bleeding. Reduce dosage or discontinue if it causes loose stools.
Chinese Symptomology Cold; dysmennorhea; menstrual pain
Western Symptomology Menstrual cramps, amenorrhea, irregular menses, infertility; abdominal pain preceding and during menses; discharge of blood clots; hepatomegaly or splenomegaly associated with trauma, cirrhosis, hepatitis, AIDS
Actions Promote blood circulation; Expels Cold
Chinese name 痛經丸
English name Menstral Ease Teapills
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This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale. If you need help finding a similar product please email us.


Menstral Ease is a Chinese herbal medicine that regulates Qi and invigorates blood stasis to maintain a smooth menstruation and alleviates cramps.

Pharmaceutical Latin Pin Yin Dosage Actions
Leonurus Herba Yi Mu Cao 12.40g



Paeonia Radix Bai Shao 12.40g



Angelica Sinensis Dang Gui 8.26g



Radix Shu Di Huang 8.26g



Rehmannia Radix Xiang Fu 8.26g



Cyperus Rhizoma Yan Hu Suo 8.26g



Corydalis Tuber Chong Wei Zi 8.26g



Leonurus Fructus Hong Hua 8.26g



Carthamus Flos Chuan Xiong 8.26g



Ligusticum Rhizoma Qing Pi 4.16g



Citrus Reticulata Mu Xiang 2.48g



Auklandia Radix Pao Jiang 2.48g



Zingiber Rhizoma Rou Gui



Cinnamomum Cortex
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