Teath Paste, Lavender Thyme - 3.4oz

Teath Paste, Lavender Thyme  - 3.4oz

Teath Paste, Lavender Thyme - 3.4oz

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We put a spin on our next flavor of Teath Paste by removing the Cacao, and adding lavender and thyme. For some, it is their new favorite toothpaste? As one person said: "I can put this in my mouth???!!!" Yes, you can. Another person told us: "The lavender is soothing and helps me wind down for bed." This was not our intended goal in creating this recipe, but if it helps, we are all for it! We like the combination of lavender and thyme to help increase the circulation of blood in the gums....

When using our Teath Paste, one has to understand that there is nothing but natural product in these different toothpastes, therefore one should treat them like opening a jar of peanut butter. If there is oil floating at the surface, simply stir it in before your first use. Because there is no water in these products, the oil and the solids mix for a while, but then need to be remixed occasionally. This is not something wrong with the paste, just natural behavior in these products.


Baking soda, organic extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, lavender, thyme, peppermint and other essential oils.

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