Teath Paste, Chocolate Mint - 2oz

Teath Paste, Chocolate Mint - 2oz

Teath Paste, Chocolate Mint - 2oz

Brand Giant Herbs & Tea
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A chocolate mint baking soda toothpaste designed for tea and coffee lovers.

Why Teath Paste? We wanted to create a product which filled a hole in the over-the-counter-industry for dental products. A number of people we know have long told us that when they have a problem with their teeth their sole solution is to be able to go to the dentist. This is actually an odd situation, medically speaking. When we have a headache, we can go to the health food store or supplement aisle and buy something to help alleviate our headache. When we have a stomachache, we can go to those same places and buy something which alleviates our stomachache. But why is it that when we have a toothache, we have to go to the dentist? Why is it that there are no common remedies for dental issues?

The Tea - in Teath Paste is not a typo, but explains two things: First, this is a toothpaste for people who love to drink their coffee and tea, but suffer the discoloration and staining of their teeth due to their habits. As JADA says: "In spite of its low abrasivity, [toothpastes] containing baking soda are more effective in stain removal and whitening than some non-baking soda [toothpastes]." The second reason: Have you ever wondered why it is called toothpaste? Do we just brush one tooth with our toothbrush? Shouldn't our toothbrush really be called a teethbrush, and our toothpaste called teethpaste? Obviously, the folks who originally branded this product didn't like the grammar of teeth.


Baking soda, organic virgin & unrefined coconut oil, organic raw cacao, sea salt, peppermint and other essential oils.

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