Smoky Quartz Large Point (1.5" - 3") Thick

Smoky Quartz Large Point (1.5" - 3") Thick

Smoky Quartz Large Point (1.5" - 3") Thick

Brand Golden Needle Products
Unit Size 1 Smoky Quart Natural Point (1.5" - 3") 1" + Thick
Taste Sweet
Properties Neutral to slightly warm
Actions Drains damp heat; Harmonizing; consolidates energy; stimulates and purifies the energy center
Channels Entered Kidney, Lung, Spleen, Stomach

Use for Lower Kidney complaints.

Place under the pillow to aid in sleeping.

Use with calcite for heat during menopause.

Helps to keep boundaries.

As a massage stone, smoky quartz is balancing and calming.  Use in massage for resilience and to ease stress, pain and tension.

Place in a room to create an atmosphere of both energy and relaxation.

As a meditation stone, smoky quartz brings relaxation and makes meditation easier.

Can be used as a direct application to the body, placed beside a bed, in a room, arranged in a stone circle, for massage, in an elixir, for gemstone oil or in meditation.

Smoky Quartz should be carried or worn for longer periods. 

In stressful situations, hold two polished or rough crystals, one in each hand.  (Gienger)

For pain, place smoky quartz directly on the part of the body affected.  (Gienger)

A Smoky Quartz wand can be used as a tool for gounding and removing negative energy.  A Smoky Quartz wand connects the energy of the base chakra to the earth chakra beneath the feet.  Use it anywhere on the body to remove negative energy. (Hall)

Crystal Structure Trigonal
Stone Group oxides/tectosilicates, quartz group
Level of Formation Primary or Tertiary
Chakra Root, Lower abdomen, Solar Plexus
Chemical Formula SiO2 + (Al, Li, Na, Fe, Mn, Ti)
Zodiac Sign Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn
Planetary Association Pluto
Chinese name 烟水晶, 烟晶, 烟石英, 茶晶, 茶水晶, 煙水晶
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May contain Lithium inclusions.  These are good for the heart/Kidney communication.  Anchors the mind.  Good for Meditation. (Yuan)

Regulates Qi & Blood (Yuan)

Safe in gem elixirs

Channels the energy of the crown chakra into the first chakra to be rooted in the physical plane.  Draws the love force of the heart chakra into the root chakra to be grounded and utilized.

Dissipates and purifies most negative patterns to create a change in behavior where aspects of the egocentric nature are erased and replaced with positive attitudes and habit patterns.

Helpful to process unhealthy aspects of radiation and cell phone frequencies.  Also helpful in resisting unhealthful overexposure to the sun's radiation.

Smoky Quartz increases tolerance to stress.  It helps to bear sorrow and strive hard, to cope with hard times and complete tasks. (Gienger)

Smoky Quartz has a relaxing effect. It helps to cope with sress. (Gienger)

Smoky Quartz encourages sober, realistic and pragmatic solutions to problems. (Gienger)

Smoky Quartz has a pain-alleviating effect and helps with cramps.  It is especially good for back problems.  It fortifies the nerves and protects from radiation. (Gienger)

Grounds and assists with living a down to earth existence.  Helps those who are undecided when faced with a choice of situations. (Bourgault)

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