Sheng Hua Tang Granules, 200g

Sheng Hua Tang Granules, 200g

Sheng Hua Tang Granules, 200g

Brand KPC Granules - Formulas
Unit Size 200g bottle
Dosage 1 tsp (2g)
Potency 5:1
Contraindications Contraindicated in cases with blood stasis due to heat in the blood or postpartum hemorrhage because the warm, blood invigorating nature of these herbs tends to aggravate such conditions. It is also contraindicated during pregnancy or in cases with bleeding diathesis or any active hemorrhagic disorder.
Actions Invigorates the blood, transforms and dispels blood stasis, warms the menses
Pattern Cold that takes advantage of the deficiency of normal qi and blood during postpartum period to enter the abdomen. It is this cold that produces the stasis of blood, such that static blood is retained within the Womb.
Tongue Pale purple or pail with purple spots
Pulse Thin, submerged, choppy
Chinese name Sheng Hua Tang
English name Generating and Transforming Decoction, Tangkuei and Ginger Combination

"... this formula combines a strategy of generating new blood while simultaneously transforming blood stasis." - Chinese Herbal Medicine Formulas & Strategies


Serving size: 1 tsp (2g)

Servings per container: 100

Dang gui (tangkuei root) 1186mg

Chuan xiong (ligustricum root) 444mg

Tao ren (persica kernel) 222mg

Piao jiang (ginger rhizome) 74mg

Zhi gan cao (licorice root) 74mg

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