Scarmassage Roll-On

Scarmassage Roll-On

Scarmassage Roll-On

Brand Heritage Store
Unit Size 3 oz
Western Symptomology scars
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Helps Improve Appearance of Scar Tissue

Cayce's original formula from reading [2015-10] was recommended to prevent or gradually eliminate scars, as the tissue heals. Scar massage is an outstanding skin softener and therapeutic lotion, containing olive oil, natural camphor, peanut oil, and lanolin. Some people have found the effectiveness is increased with the use of vitamin C. Massaging the product into the affected area stimulates the circulation and soothes the skin, allowing damaged skin tissue to rejuvenate.*

"Scarmassage is a very good product for softening and smoothing scar tissue. I highly recommend Scar massage to all my patients that have scar tissue." James Howard, M.D.*

Ingredients Lanolin, Olive Oil, Camphor and Peanut Oil.
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