San Qi Slice (15g x 4)

San Qi Slice (15g x 4)

San Qi Slice (15g x 4)

Brand Solstice Medicine Company
Unit Size 60 gram tin containing (4 packets, 15 grams each)
Dosage Adults and Children over 12 years of age - take 1/3-packet (5 grams) 1 to 3 times a day. Children under 12 years of age - do not give.
Potency 1:1
Taste Sweet, Slightly Bitter - Bensky
Properties Warm - Bensky
Contraindications Use with caution during pregnancy
Chinese Symptomology Internal bleeding, external bleeding, vomiting blood, nosebleed, blood in the urine, blood in the stool; Traumatic injuries, swelling and pain due to falls, fractures, contusions, sprains, chest and abdominal pain, joint pain caused by blood stasis, sores, abscesses - Bensky
Pattern Blood stasis, Bleeding, Traumatic Injury - Bensky
Channels Entered Liver, stomach - Bensky
Chinese name San Qi
English name Pseudoginseng, Tian Qi
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Stops bleeding without causing blood stasis, transforms blood stasis, reduces swelling and stops pain.*


Active Ingredients
San-Qi Ginseng Root.

Inactive Ingredients

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