Sales Tax Information

Golden Needle is required to collect sales tax in the orange highlighted states on the map below. The tax amount will be shown in your shopping cart and at checkout after you enter your shipping destination. If your purchase is exempt from sales tax (e.g., purchasing for resale), please see our instructions below for providing us with a properly completed exemption certificate.

Exemption Certificate Instructions

If your purchases from Golden Needle are exempt from sales tax (e.g. purchasing for resale), follow these steps to provide us with a properly completed Exemption Certificate:

    SELECT: Select your state from the list below. If your state is not listed, we will not collect tax on your purchase.
    COMPLETE: Download and complete the exemption certificate displayed for your state.
    SUBMIT: Fax the completed exemption certificate to 828-676-3828 or email the certificate to

We are required to collect sales tax on your orders until we recieve this documenet from you. If you submit an online order and are charged sales tax at checkout but you have submitted (or are in the process of submitting) a completed exemption certificate, please contact us for a refund of the tax collected on your online order.

California: Resale Certificate
Colorado: Exemption Certificate
Georgia: Exemption Certificate
Hawaii: Resale Certificate
Illinois: Certificate of Resale
Maine: Provide a copy of your Resale Certificate
Maryland: Exemption Certificate
Michigan: Exemption Certificate
Minnesota: Exemption Certificate
New Jersey: Resale Certificate
New York: Resale Certificate
North Carolina: Exemption Certificate
South Carolina: Resale Certificate
Viginia: Exemption Certificate
Washington: Provide a copy of your Reseller Permit
Wisconsin: Exemption Certificate