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Resvantage Resveratrol

Resvantage Resveratrol

RESVANTAGE® IS THE HIGHEST QUALITY AND SAFEST RESVERATROL SUPPLEMENT ON THE MARKET TODAY and as the most trusted brand in the industry has received wide acclaim. This is why top physicians, naturopaths, and other leading health care professionals are using it in their practices.

Here’s what sets RESVANTAGE® apart from the rest: We employ sophisticated technology developed by the pharmaceutical industry to prepare and encapsulate our resveratrol. This is out of the reach of most nutraceutical manufacturers and rarely employed for a natural product. Resvantage is a pure organic resveratrol supplement made to pharmaceutical standards and thus is unique to the industry.

OXYGEN IS THE ENEMY OF RESVERATROL and many other natural plant compounds. In order to protect the resveratrol content in each capsule from degrading and to insure maximum potency, we have the RESVANTAGE® family of products encapsulated for us by the Capsugel® division of Pfizer in an oxygen-free, nitrogen-rich environment utilizing their patented Licaps® process. This protects the fragile resveratrol compound in our liquid filled capsules from oxidative degradation during its manufacture insuring maximum potency.

Liquid Filled Capsules Liquid filled capsules don’t just offer greater bioavailability than tablets and powder filled capsules, they’re also faster acting and gentler on the stomach. The resveratrol in the RESVANTAGE® supplement is combined with a lipid and an emulsifier to improve absorption by forming the micelles that will be able to pass the unstirred water layer that lines the human gastrointestinal tract. Active compounds like resveratrol can only be absorbed when the dissolution time is lower than the GI transit time and RESVANTAGE® liquid filled capsules facilitate fast dissolution time for maximum absorption.