Qiang Huo Sheng Shi Tang, Capsules

Qiang Huo Sheng Shi Tang, Capsules

Qiang Huo Sheng Shi Tang, Capsules

Brand KPC Formulas - Capsules
Unit Size 100 capsule bottle
Dosage 4 capsules
Potency 5:1/500mg
Contraindications Caution in patients with constitutional yin deficiency, or for any condition with heat.
Chinese Symptomology A hevay and painful head, generalized sensation of heaviness, back pain or generalized pain, stiffness of the neck, difficulty in rotating or bending the trunk, mild fever, chills
Actions Expels wind and dampness
Pattern Painful obstruction with wind-dampness
Tongue White coat
Pulse Floating
Chinese name Qiang Huo Sheng Shi Tang
English name Notopterygium Decoction to Overcome Dampness - Notopterygium and Tuhuo combination
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Expected Resupply Date: Unknown

Expels wind and dampness*


Serving size: 4 capsules

Servings per container: 25

Qiang huo (notopterygium root) 400mg

Du huo (Tuhuo Angelica root) 400mg

Gao ben (ligustica root) 400mg

Fang feng (siler root) 400mg

Zhi gan cao (licorice root) 200mg

Man jing zi (vitex fruit) 120mg

Chuan xiong (ligusticum root) 80mg

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