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Pet Wellbeing Reseller Policy

Pet Wellbeing

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy & Agreement

To Our Valued Accounts,
In order to maintain the integrity of Natural Wellbeing Distribution, Inc. brands (including Pet Wellbeing), we have established a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy for resellers. This policy has been established to protect and support all resellers, as well as consumers of our products. The intention is not to interfere with the businesses of our resellers, but rather to enable customers to have sustainable business practices by allowing for a reasonable profit margin.

We require all accounts to read and agree to the following agreement:
● Resellers of Pet Wellbeing products may not advertise a price lower than the Minimum Advertised Price for that product (MAP = retail price listed) .

● Prices below the MAP cannot be advertised in any medium, including print, internet, radio, television, etc.

● Temporary sales, discounts, and promotions that effectively lower the retail price of the product below MAP are impossible to enforce, and therefore acceptable (i.e. 10% discount on order totals exceeding $200). However, these discounts must not be applied directly to the advertised price; the advertised price cannot be below the MAP.

● Permanent discounts and promotions that effectively lower the retail price below the MAP—for example, extraordinary discounts on shipping—are unacceptable. Aggregating the product price and shipping price to satisfy the MAP policy is also unacceptable. The MAP Policy applies to the advertised price of a product before shipping, handling, or additional charges are levied.

● Lowering the price of an item below MAP for the purpose of a clearance or liquidation is acceptable; however, Natural Wellbeing Distribution, Inc. will record this in our system and this reseller will never be supplied with that product again. If a pattern of this behavior is recognized, Natural Wellbeing Distribution, Inc. will be forced to take further action in accordance with our rights as a manufacturer.

● Resellers must disclose valid names, contact information, and domain addresses for any and all websites on which Pet Wellbeingl products are sold. This includes any subsidiaries affiliated with your business, and any other online resellers your business may be supplying.

Resellers MAY NOT sell on third-party marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, amongst others.

● Natural Wellbeing Distribution, Inc. will hold distributors, and resellers who sell to other resellers, responsible for the MAP policy compliance of their customers and any business entities whom they are supplying.

● Natural Wellbeing Distribution, Inc. reserves the right not to sell to any reseller found to be or suspected of being in violation of this policy and/or the wholesale terms and conditions. However, Natural Wellbeing Distribution, Inc. will not be held responsible for enforcement of this policy or lack thereof. Natural Wellbeing Distribution, Inc. will act accordingly when deemed necessary and when legal.

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