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Ohm Therapeutics Tuning Forks

Ohm Therapeutics Tuning Forks

Ohm Therapeutics is a simple and effective method of applying Ohm Tuning Forks to the physical and energetic body, including acu-points, trigger and reflex points, to help nourish the Qi, move stagnant energy and relieve pain. Ohm Therapeutics is a comprehensive sound healing system featuring the universally recognized vibrational frequency of Ohm. Based in science and spiritually upheld, Ohm is an ancient and sacred tone and mantra celebrated by cultures throughout the world for its healing properties. To resonate with Ohm is to unite with the life-supporting energy of the Earth, which positively affects our biological rhythms and circadian clock. Through sympathetic resonance, we begin to sync and entrain with natural cycles. Aligning with these earth rhythms enables us to find balance.

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Practitioner Tuning Fork Activator


The Practitioner Activator is designed to fit comfortably around the leg, leaving both hands free for tuning fork application.

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Professional Starter Box Tuning Fork Set


Professional Starter boxed set includes two Mid Ohm Tuning Forks (136.1 hz ea.); Detailed instructions and photographs demonstrating use; Practitioner Activator; 26 Minute DVD on Tuning Fork Application; Sound Healing CD.

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