Mu Xiang - Saussurea Radix, 5ml

Mu Xiang - Saussurea Radix, 5ml

Mu Xiang - Saussurea Radix, 5ml

Brand Alchemica Botanica TCM Essential Oils
Unit Size 5 ml *note: wholesale pricing not available for the 5 mL single essential oils.

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CO2 extracted Aucklandiae Radix - 5ml
(Saussurea Root)

"Fragrant Wood, Wood Aroma"

The spicy and bitter aroma of our CO2 extracted Mu Xiang essential oil immediately sends an excited reverberation throughout the body, awakening the senses in the mouth, stimulating abundant saliva and calming the stomach. The Stomach enjoys fragrant aromas and indeed Mu Xiang oil unblocks and harmonizes the functions of the digestive organs and alleviates all kinds of digestive dysfunction and discomfort whether the causes are physical or emotional. Due to its affinity with the Triple Burner, it helps to normalize the upward and downward movement of the Qi and open the three jiao.

Ni Zhu Mo in his Ming Dynasty Ben Cao Hui Yan praised the wide scope of Mu Xiang’s Qi regulating action, "Auklandia harmonizes the stomach, frees the Heart Qi, downbears the Lung Qi, dredges the Liver Qi, quickens the spleen Qi, warms the Kidney Qi, disperses accumulated Qi, warms cold Qi, normalizes counterflow Qi, reaches exterior Qi, and frees interior Qi. In sum, it governs various Qi throughout the body."

In modern research, its effects on the smooth muscle of the intestines include both regulating peristalsis and relaxing spasm, demonstrating its regulating qi functions. The essential oil of Mu Xiang has an inhibitory effect on strep, staph, and E coli bacterias.

Note: middle and base

TCM Category: regulating Qi

Major chemical components: costunoldie & woody lactone dehydrogenase > 60%. (from Guangzhou extractor analysis)

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