Mo Yao - Myrrh, 5ml

Mo Yao - Myrrh, 5ml

Mo Yao - Myrrh, 5ml

Brand Alchemica Botanica TCM Essential Oils
Unit Size 5 ml *note: wholesale pricing not available for the 5 mL single essential oils.

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CO2 extracted Mo Yao - Myrrh, Commiphora myrrha

Our Myrrh essential oil has a rich, balsamic aroma, and a hint of musk with a piercing, spicy, bitter edge. It is produced by CO2 extraction.

Commiphora myrrha is native to parts of East Africa and the Middle East. Myrrh is the oleo gum resin from it’s sap. When a tree wound penetrates through the bark and into the sapwood, the tree bleeds a resin. Myrrh gum, like frankincense, is such a resin. The Myrrh gum is waxy and coagulates quickly acting to heal the wound and protect the tree which illustrates Myrrh’s natural medicinal properties to promote the healing of wounds.

Mo Yao invigorates the blood and dispels blood stasis, reduces swelling, alleviates pain, and promotes the generation of flesh.

For the redness, swelling and pain of traumatic injuries a compress could be applied made with the essential oils of Mo Yao, Ru Xiang (Frankincense), Jin Yin Hua (Lonicera), Lian Qiao (Forsythia), Chuan Xiong (Ligusticum) and Dang Gui (Angelica sinensis) diluted in Safflower oil.

Mo Yao is also useful, topically, to invigorate the blood to resolve bruises and varicose veins.

Acute sprains of the lower back and legs may benefit from a blend of Mo Yao, Ru Xiang, Chuan Xiong (Ligusticum) and Du Huo Angelica pubescentis) using rubbing alcohol as a base to create a ligament.

Based on their ability to promote the healing of non healing skin lesions, sores and ulcerations, practitioners could consider a diluted blend of Mo Yao with Ru Xiang (Frankicense) and Bai Zhi to apply around the area, avoiding open skin.

Mo Yao essential oil is also said to clear Lung and Stomach heat and may be helpful in gum swellings, toothache, and oral hygiene as well as thick yellow phlegm and cough.

*Contraindicated in pregnancy or uterine bleeding.
Clinical studies and research have shown that Myrrh reduces blood cholesterol.

TCM Category: Invigorating Blood and Dispelling Stasis

Channels entered:
TCM: Heart, Liver ,Spleen.
Jeffrey Yuen re Myrrh essential oil: Lung, Spleen,Stomach

Note: Base

Major Chemical Components: Sesquiterpene ether ( heerabolene), cuminaldehyde, eugenol

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