Jiang Xue Ya Yan Fang Caps

Jiang Xue Ya Yan Fang Caps

Jiang Xue Ya Yan Fang Caps

Brand BioEssence Capsules
Unit Size 100 Caps
Dosage As directed
Potency 5:1
Western Symptomology High blood pressure; headache from high blood pressure; high cholesterol in blood.
Actions Moderates excess Liver Yang.
Pattern Excess Liver Yang and deficient Kidneys Yin
Chinese name 降血壓驗方
English name Polygonatum & Eucommia Decoction
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Expected Resupply Date: Unknown

This is a good formula for high blood pressure caused by excess Liver Yang and deficient Kidneys Yin.

Pharmaceutical Latin Pin Yin Dosage Actions
Polygonatum Rhizoma Huang Jing 14.30g



Eucommia Cortex Du Zhong 8.57g



Rehmannia Radix Sheng Di Huang 8.57g



Codonopsis Radix Dang Sheng 8.57g



Dioscorea Rhizoma Shan Yao 8.57g



Plantago Semen Che Qian Zi 8.57g



Paeonia Radix Bai Shao yao 5.71g



Prunella Spica Xia Ku Cao 5.71g



Chrysanthemum Flos Ju Hua 5.71g



Haliotis Concha Shi Jue Ming 5.71g



Cassia Semen Jue Ming Zi 5.71g



Gentiana Radix Long Dan Cao 4.29g



Achyranthes Radix Huai Niu Xi 4.29g



Bupleurum Radix Chai Hu 2.86g
Crategus Fructus Shan Zha 2.86g
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