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Jade Fluid, 120 tablets (expires 1/31/2021)

Jade Fluid, 120 tablets (expires 1/31/2021)

Jade Fluid, 120 tablets (expires 1/31/2021)

Brand Jade Woman Herbals by Kan
Unit Size 120 Tablets
Dosage As directed
Properties This formula emphasizes Spleen support, clearing Dampness and easing the Mind, while augmenting and holding the Qi up.
Contraindications Do not use during the acute phase of an infection or attack by an external pathogen.
Chinese Symptomology Puffiness and bloating and weight gain; cravings for starchy and sweet foods; possibly constipation; occasionally nausea; sometimes a dragging feeling of discomfort in the abdomen; lethargy
Actions Clears Dampness. Regulates Liver Qi, tonifies Spleen, drains Dampness, nourishes and regulates Blood, calms the Mind.
Pattern Liver suppressing the Spleen

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English name Jade Fluid

Jade Fluid is most effective if taken each month from mid cycle. Once symptoms improve, use of Jade Fluid can be reduced to one week before the period, or when symptoms appear. - Lyttleton "When Spleen function is suppressed by the Liver, fluids are not transported efficiently causing puffiness and bloating and weight gain. This may be accompanied by cravings for starchy and sweet foods. There may be constipation, occasionally there is nausea and sometimes a dragging feeling of discomfort in the abdomen. Lethargy is a common symptom when Spleen Qi is compromised. - Lyttleton


Fu ling - Poria
Bai zhu - White atractylodes rhizome
He huan pi- Silk tree bark
Huang qi- Astragalus root
Chai hu- Bupleurum root
Bai shao- White peony root
Dang gui shen- Dong quai root
Cang zhu- Cang-zhu atractylodes rhizome
Xu duan - Sichuan teasel root
Chao huai niu xi- Dry fried achyranthes root
Mu xiang - Saussurea root
Gan cao - Chinese licorice root and rhizome

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