IR-300 Near Infrared Heat Lamp w/ Bulb

IR-300 Near Infrared Heat Lamp w/ Bulb

IR-300 Near Infrared Heat Lamp w/ Bulb

Brand Clinical Supplies, Miscellaneous
Unit Size 1 Lamp (with bulb)

Replacement Bulb


This is not for medical purpose. It is for Skin Care, Sauna, Beauty Salon and Personal use.

When the remote controller is plugged in, the intensity dial on the main control panel is disabled.


6 Months Limited Warranty of Parts (Not including Bulb) and Labor Only. Freight cost is not included in the warranty

VOLTAGE(전압) : 110V/3A/60Hz

WATT(정격소비전력) : 250W

TIMER(타이머) : 0~60Min

MAX HEIGHT(최대높이) : 69"(1,750mm)

MIN HEIGHT(최저높이) : 43"(1,100mm)

NET WEIGHT(제품중량) : 11 lbs

*IMPORTANT: Please make sure to wear light clothing when using. DO NOT USE ON BARE SKIN.

*Note: Please do not exert excessive force when inserting the bulb into the socket as the bulb may crack. DO NOT allow hot bulb to come in contact with liquid and or metal part of fixture as glass may shatter.

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