ImmuneDx Capsules

ImmuneDx Capsules

ImmuneDx Capsules

SKU PTV102-60
Brand Plantiva
Unit Size 60 Capsules
Dosage For maintaining immune health take 2-3 ImmuneDx capsules once a day, 20 days a month. This can be accomplished by taking ImmuneDx 5 days a week or every day for two weeks and then one week off. At the first sign of an immune challenge, take 4 capsules right away and another 4 capsules at bedtime.
Contraindications As with any supplement, consult your healthcare professional before use, and keep out of the reach of children. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or are taking prescription medicine, discuss use of ImmuneDx with your doctor.
CAUTION Prop 65 notice: Warning- Reproductive Harm -
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ImmuneDx provides a comprehensive approach to boosting the body’s immune system and enhancing resistance to immune challenges due to fatigue, exposure, and stress. ImmuneDx supports immune function in people from all walks of life, including athletes, travelers, seniors, and others.

  • Boosts white blood cell counts*
  • Increases production of antibodies*
  • Increases the phagocytic activity of macrophages*
  • Reduces frequency of immune difficulties*

Staying healthy in today’s world is a challenging task and your immune system requires intelligently designed immune nutrition in order to successfully meet those challenges. Try ImmuneDx and you’ll see what we mean.

ImmuneDx has been evaluated in several research studies.

One study was a 4 month long blinded, placebo controlled, and randomized outcome study in 61 subjects. Compared to placebo, the use of ImmuneDx at 3 capsules per day, 20 days per month, resulted in statistically significant benefits in these important areas of assessment as follows:

  1. There was a significant reduction (P<0.01) in the incidence and frequency of respiratory immune challenges;
  2. There was a significant reduction (P<0.01) in the severity of respiratory immune challenges in the ImmuneDx group compared to placebo;
  3. There was a statistical trend (P<0.07) toward reduction in the duration of immune challenges in the ImmuneDx group.

Three additional studies were also undertaken to look at specific immune parameters. These three studies demonstrated the following:

  1. The proliferation of white blood cells (B and T-cells) was significantly increased (P<0.001) in the ImmuneDx group compared to placebo.
  2. The generation of antibodies showed a significant increase (P<0.001) in the ImmuneDx group compared to placebo.
  3. The phagocytic activity level of macrophages was significantly increased.

Plantiva controls all aspects of its product supply chain, which starts with knowing our growers, lab testing every step of the way, starting with the unprocessed plant materials and continuing through the multiple stages of processing to the finished extract materials.

Plantiva does not buy its ingredients from brokers and herb markets. We have spent over 15 years comparatively evaluating growing areas, standardizing extraction processing, and developing analytical methods for the plants used in making Plantiva products.

Our quality assurance team is managed by leading industry experts and includes other dedicated and experienced technicians around the world.


Astragalus  (huang qi) Broad spectrum immune adjuvant, hepatoprotective. Improves resistance to external challenges.

Stephania  (han fang zi) Normalizes over-zealous immune activity. Improves circulation of lymph and blood, relaxes muscles. Can relieve symptoms of muscle and joint stiffness that interfere with an optimal immune response.

Epimedium  (yin yang huo) Both strengthens and regulates immune function. Epimedium is a warming and nutritive tonic with strong immune and respiratory benefits.

Dong Quai  (dong gui) Blood tonic, nutritive, hormone regulating. When properly combined with Astragalus it has broad immune health benefi­ts.

Eleuthero  (ci wu jia) Relaxes the joints and muscles. Increases resistance and adaptability to harsh conditions.

Ginseng  (ren shen) Small doses increase central nervous system activity. Has immune benefits. Strengthens the lungs and respiratory system.

Echinacea  (zǐ zhuī huā) Mildly enhances immune function.

Other Ingredients  Vegetable capsule, organic rice powder, tapioca starch, silica, magnesium stearate.

ColdDx Capsules

SKU: PTV101-60
Brand: Plantiva
Price : $21.95
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