IF-400D Digital Interferential Unit

IF-400D Digital Interferential Unit

IF-400D Digital Interferential Unit

Brand ProMed Specialties
Unit Size 1 Unit
  • Interferential Stimulator, Digital Operation
  • LCD Display
  • Auto Sweep Three Modes
  • Frequency Shift Five Modes
  • Timer 15, 30 minutes Selectable
  • System Includes: Stimulator, Lead Wires, 9V DC Adapter, 9V Battery, 4 Self-Adhesive Reusable Electrodes, Instruction Booklet, Hard Carrying Case

Technical Specifications
IF-400D (Digital Interferential with LCD Display) 

Channel: Dual, isolated between channels
Wave Form: Symmetrical Balance Sine wave
Pulse Intensity: Adjustable 0-70mA peak into 500 ohm load
Each channel, constant current Carrier Frequency: 4000Hz Fixed (CH1)

Frequency: 4004-4160Hz Adjustable (CH2)
IF Frequency Mode: Constant Mode: 4-160 bps, Adjustable
Auto Sweep: 80-145 bps, 4-45 bps, 4-Set bps Frequency Shift: 1/1 abruptly shift, 6/6 ramped, 10/10 abruptly shift, 10/10 ramped

Sweep Time: 15 seconds
Output Configuration: Quad Polar (4 Electrodes)
Interference Pulse Frequency: 4-160 bps, Adjustable 4 bps/step Pulse Duration: 125 ms maximum

Patient Compliance
Timer: Shows treatment times in hours
Patient Lock: Prevent patient to change parameters fixed by physician LCD: Shows modes, bps rate, abrupt/ramp, timer and channels
Maximum Charge per Pulse: 15 micro-coulombs maximum
Power Source: 9V Alkaline Battery or 9V DC Adapter (Included) Dimensions: 108mm x 61.5mm x 25mm
Weight: 100 grams (without battery)

Output Parameters
There are nine modes: Five modes w/frequency shift. Three modes w/Auto sweep, and one mode fully adjustable.

Constant Mode
Maintains set pulse frequency. (SET: bos can be adjusted)

Auto Sweep
It will modulate frequency between the range that is selected. For example, select 80-145 bps. THe sweep-time is 15 seconds and repeat.

There are three modes of Auto Sweep:
1. 80-145 bps
2. 4-45 bps
3. 4-SET bps


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