Huo Xiang - Pogostemonis Herba, 5ml

Huo Xiang - Pogostemonis Herba, 5ml

Huo Xiang - Pogostemonis Herba, 5ml

Brand Alchemica Botanica TCM Essential Oils
Unit Size 5 ml *note: wholesale pricing not available for the 5 mL single essential oils.

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Steam distilled Pogostemonis Herba - 5ml

The aroma of our Huo Xiang essential oil is strongly musky, woody, and spicy. It’s effect is quickly felt opening in the mouth, moving down the esophagus and spreading in the stomach, awakening the appetite. At the same time it brings on a lightness and clarity to thought and emotion.

This true Patchouli essential oil is distilled from the dried, fermented leaves of Guang Hou Xiang also known as Nan (southern) Hou Xiang. The traditional process of fermentation prior to distillation imbues it’s essential oil with the power of alchemical transformation and explains it’sactions of aromatically transforming dampness and gloom, releasing pent up emotions and opening the Chong Mai.

Practitioners may consider combining Huo Xiang and Zi Su Ye essential oils in blends for nausea and vomiting in the case of morning sickness or exterior syndromes that effect the stomach.
Patchouli essential oil has anti-inflammatory, and anti fungal properties. It has been shown to be helpful for vascular congestion as in the case of hemorrhoids and varicose veins.

Note: Middle or Base
TCM Category: Aromatic Herbs that Transform Dampness
Major chemical components: Sesquiterpenes, Sesquiterpenols,  pogostone, patchouli alcohol, seychellene.

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